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Senior League Match Reports - 9 January 2022


Route 1 Connections, 24 v Manx Fellas, 24

POTM Rhian Evans for Route 1 Connections

This was always going to be an exciting game with Connections having taken the game earlier in the season by only a few goals.  The AON Manx Fellas have improved vastly over the season and have been putting out great performances so the game could have gone any way.  

AON Manx Fellas started off the game strong with some direct centre passes going straight to goal thanks to Rob Mason and Tony Eccles sharp passes between each other and into the circle. The addition of Jason Philbin to the squad brought a great defensive pressure from the attack and we saw fellas gain second opportunities at goal and the first quarter finished Fellas 9 Route 1 Connections 3.

Second quarter saw a very similar game, with pressure applied from both sides.  We saw some great defensive set ups from the fellas which saw Rob Mason take intercepts from set penalties and defensive duo Stephen Mulhern and Neil Cowley took some loose passes around and in the circle. Towards the end of the quarter, Route 1 looked set in their stride and upped their game, playing the ball short and fast, with Cassy Pizzey and Sara Watterson restricting the movement of the fellas in attack and they started to make the comeback.

Route 1 Connections made some changes going into the third quarter which saw Katrina Keeling go in to GS with Nicola Spencer in GA, the fellas defence worked hard to prevent any easy balls going in but Route 1’s mid court of Rhian Evans and Holly Burgess played the ball until the shooters had managed to open up some space and  connections started to gain on their opponents with the quarter end Fellas 17 and Route 1 16.  

Going into the final quarter and all to play for and both teams put up a spectacular fight, working hard to try to make a turnover for their side.  We saw some great circle edge tips from Zahed Miah of Manx Fellas.  This game could have gone either way, with the defensive pressure of Route 1 and the quick passing and movement of attack, seeing Michael Pardoe relaxing into his shooting position and sinking some vital shots in the last quarter ended the game at 24 all.  A very fair score line for a fantastic game of netball.  The score line shows that it was a game of hard work and patience.


Manx Gems Sapphires, 24 v Simcocks Green Eagles,21

POTM Anna Munro for Simcocks Green Eagles

The game started with Simcocks Greens, Mitchell (C) taking first centre, who worked hard with Munro (WA) to try and get the ball in the D however Sapphires GK Leece intercepted the ball, and the first goal was taken by Sapphires GS Fitzgerald. At the end of the first quarter the score was 6-3 to Manx Gems Sapphires.

The second quarter started with a Sapphire centre and Kelly (GS) got the shot to start the quarter off successfully. Simcocks came back fighting with amazing intercepts from Howland (GK) and the ball was worked down the court by Skelly (GD) and Craig (WD). Simcocks shooters Osbourn (GS) and Skehan (GA) played a great game and scored many goals. The end of the second quarter was 18-11 to the Sapphires.

The third quarter saw Manx gems taking back more control of the game with great defending from Halsall (GD) and Baines ( C ) and turned over the ball however Simcocks weren’t going to let the ball go from their grip and put up a great wall of defence throughout the court. Simcocks (GS) Szetu put up some great shots and their (WA) Cowley supported the attackers and helped get the ball into the D. At the end of the third quarter the score was 21-16 to the Sapphires.

During the last quarter, Simcocks dominated the court and worked brilliantly in getting the ball down to their shooters despite Sapphire's WD making it difficult for them. Sapphires (WA) Jones fought well in feeding the ball to their attackers. The end result was a close 24-21 to Manx Gems Sapphires and the player of the match went to Simcocks (WA) Anna Munro.


Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts,32 v Atla Group Panthers,30

POTM Rebecca Boot for Simcocks Global Ballasalla Drifts

The match started with Ballasalla only having 6 players, missing their GA. Although Panthers used this to their advantage by taking an early lead ending in 8-5, Ballasalla’s Rebecca Boot (GS) coped well playing solo in the D until her GA arrived.  

Both sides came out strong after the first break with Ballasalla taking first goal. Some excellent shooting from Panthers Courtney Quinn (GA) and Robyn Millar (GS) and great defensive duo from Kerry (GK) and Jess Edmonds (GD). There was clear fight from Ballasalla in this quarter, with some strong mid court turnovers from Ballasalla’s Janet Lawrinson (WA). An energetic quarter from both sides, ending in another lead for Panthers 17-14. 

The third quarter saw Panthers energy wane and despite Panther’s height in the D, Ballasalla’s Steph Haslett (GD) and Daisy Downs (GK) were defending every pass. Ballasalla worked hard for possession in this quarter, ending in a 2-goal lead for Ballasalla at 22-20. 

Into the final quarter, and it was clear both teams were mindful of the tight score. Some slick movements from Panthers Helen Gibson (C) and Kirsten McIntosh (WA) feeding the ball into the D, and cohesion of passes mid court. Outstanding shooting from Ballasalla’s Rebecca Boot (GS) made Panthers defense next to impossible. A tightly held last quarter from both sides throughout, ending with a close win to Ballasalla by 2 goals, and POTM going to Rebecca Boot. 


Ramsey Scarlets, 15 v Thompson Travel 3, 22

POTM Zhara Hewlett for Thompson Travel 3

Ramsey Scarlets won the toss and took first centre pass. The game progressed with play passing nicely up and down the court with accurate passing by both teams.  At the end of the first quarter the score was level at 3 all.

The next quarter saw the Thompson team pull ahead with 8 goals scored by Zharah Hewlett (GS) and Izzy Winchester (GA).  Mid court players Charlotte Christian (WA) and Emily Kirkham (C) fed the ball into the circle and the shooters, working well together, got the ball going through the net every time.  Ramsey gained 4 goals and the half time score was Thompson 11, Ramsey 7.

Play in the second half was steady. Ramsey gained possession after good interceptions from their GD and using the height of their GK, they picked up missed goals from Thompson.  Sending the ball down the court, they delivered some great passes to their shooters.  The quarter finished with Thompson holding onto the lead 15-11

The final quarter found Thompson’s Zharah (GS) back on form scoring a run of goals.  Good interceptions by Thompson’s Lydia Wylie (GD) and Julia Carrol (GK) meant they gained possession from Ramsey and passed the ball nicely to Grace Maddocks (WD), which then saw them working well through centre court, and getting the ball into circle.  This resulted in Thompson getting their first win this season with the final score 22-15

Zharah Hewlett was awarded Player of the Match – a well-deserved accolade.

Pictured Manx Fellas 



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