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Those members who have passed away and given so much to Netball on the Isle of Man

  • Marg McGee
    01/01/1952 - 31/10/2023

    Marg was a superb netballer, a great player both tactically and physically, a fierce competitor, a wonderful team player and a champion of emerging talent.
    One of the founding members of Ballasalla Netball Club, Marg shared her love of the game with those with whom she played. Never one to be inactive, Marg played regularly for Ballasalla until only a few years ago. On court, she was always supportive of her team, offering advice and encouragement with a well-timed comment, cheer, or smile. She enjoyed the success she achieved with Ballasalla and was always generous in defeat.
    She inspired and encouraged so many young players, making sure they were noticed and given their chance to develop and succeed. Marg was always willing to share her expertise and supported other clubs like Young Farmers Netball Club to get up and running.
    When IOM Netball joined Europe Netball, Marg was in the thick of the transition and took on the role of Team Manager for our first fore into International Competition and, of course, did a brilliant job.
    Marg was a woman of integrity. She bought honesty, reason, and perspective to everything she did. She was the person you could talk to no matter what age. She was always so positive, supportive, and witty. She looked to the future without forgetting to appreciate the moment.
    Marg was an infinitely kind, funny, warm, friend to so many involved in IOM Netball. For those who knew her well it was a privilege to call her ‘friend.’ Our lives are better for having known her and we shall miss her greatly.



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