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Senior League Match Reports - 3 October 2021


Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones, 42 v Thompson Travel 2, 23

POTM Shravanthika Sivakumar for Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones

From the outset, Thompson 2 had an uphill battle as they were unfortunately a player down. But they came out fighting and the first quarter was close between the two teams as both worked the ball down the court to the shooters and the quarter ended at 10 - 7 to Ballasalla Cyclones.

The second quarter saw Ballasalla become more comfortable in the game. Shooters Amelia Griffith (GA) and Kath Kermode (GS) worked well in the D and despite the tight defence of Thompson’s Hannah Clague (GD) and Rochelle Boyd (GD), Ballasalla’s Rachel Hudson (WA) and Lauren Raatgever (C) found the shooters with ease. The quarter ended with a dominant Ballasalla lead at 21-9. However, at half time the game still felt close with the score not entirely reflecting the fight from Thompson.  The third quarter played similarly with both teams coming out strong, Ballasalla defended well in the third quarter with attack coming down to prevent the ball entering Thompson’s shooting third. This combined with interceptions from Janet Sayle (WD) and Shrav Sivakumar (GD) allowed for a stream of goals for Ballasalla and the quarter ended 32 - 15.

The fourth quarter showed Thompson compete for every ball. Emily Gaynor (GS) found the goal several times and she was aided with strong balls in from Ellie Hughes (GA) which meant that this was the highest goal scoring quarter of the game for Thompson. But Ballasalla maintained their lead and the match finished 42-23. A good game from both sides, and Thompson did well to keep within half when they were a player down. Player of the match went to Ballasalla’s Shrav Sivakumar (GD) who made great interceptions throughout.


Simcocks Silver Eagles, 25 v Marbree Missfits C, 26

POTM Anna McChesney for Marbree Missfits C

This was a closely contested game and it started with Rebekah Darlrymple (C) leading her team out strong. With the attacking force of Anna McChesney (GA) and Abbie Kelsey (GS) who dominated the shooting circle and led their team to win the first quarter 6-2. Simcocks found their groove down to the spectacular performance of regular defenders Sarah Brooks-Lund and Holly Saxon taking the positions of Goal Shooter and Goal Attack and wow! They were both out of the comfort zones, but you couldn’t tell, they worked hard and tested the Marbree Missfits defence of Susanne Gray (GD) and Abi Robson (GK). The battle had begun, and the half time score was 11-8 to Marbree Missfits C.

The third quarter was a power play through the centre third, with a tussle of the Centres with Rachel Kewley (MM) and Alice Leadbeater-Terris (SSE) controlling the court for their teams. With the support of Jennifer Walker (WD) and Rebekah Darlymple (WA) for Marbree Missfits and Chloe Slack (WD) and Sarah Cain (WA) for Simcocks, this led to a cliff hanger score of 17-17, for this quarter.

The fourth quarter was like a game of tennis, where every pass was crucial and needed to be precise. Simcocks were kept in the game with the defensive duo of Vicky Waterhouse (GK) and Freya De Backer (GD). With the clock ticking down it was a make or break, Anna McChesney (MM) stepped up to the plate and was awarded Player of the Match. Marbree Missfits won this round by one goal and the game ending 26-25. Looking forward to what the result will be of the next encounter!!

Pictured: Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones



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