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Match Reports

Senior League Match Reports - 27 March 2022

Premiership Division.

Thompson Travel 1 31 v Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanaches 29

POTM   Anne Marie Crompton for Thompson Travel 1

Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches got off to a flying start, creating a 6-goal lead early on,thanks to a great defensive effort by GK, Zoe Kirkham and GD,Ella Carridge. Thompson got settled into the game and managed to bring it back, the first quarter ended with Ballasalla leading by 1.

A few crucial interceptions by Ann-Marie Crompton gave Thompson the opportunities they needed to maintain the lead in the second quarter and so Thompson went into half time 2 goals ahead.

Thompson brought Alice Cross on at GS for the second half, which saw her partner up with Sam Dunn and together showcase some impeccable shooting, which helped them keep their slight lead, maintaining their 2-goal lead at the end of the third quarter.
Going into the final quarter, Ballasalla Avalanches tried to switch things up, by putting Rachel Hopkinson into GA and bringing Kate Williams out to WA. Unfortunately, the change wasn’t enough for Ballasalla as Thompson managed to finish the game confidently and took the game 31-29 with POTM going to Thompsons GK, Anne-Marie Crompton.


Division 1.

Atla Group Panthers 26 v Manx Gems Emeralds 27

POTM Jess Hawkins for Manx Gems Emeralds

Island tyres and Autocare Manx Gems Emeralds sitting 3rd in Division 1 were keen for another win after previous weeks success but knew it would be a tough match against Atla Group Panthers. The game started with both teams scoring end to end with both sets of shooters converting their chances and it was clear from the onset this was going to be a close game. First quarter saw both teams’ level and an exciting match in prospect 6 goals each.

Dawn Quinn (C) for Emeralds battled well in mid court against Panthers (C) Helen Gibson and fed the ball down court successfully to their shooters. In defence both Jess Hawkins (GD) Player of the Match and GK, Sabrina Crowe intercepted well and were available for the rebounds but Panthers shooters, Mandy Hunt (GA) and Robyn Millar (GS) were accurate with their shots. The end of the first half, saw Panther’s edge ahead by 2 goals.

The second half saw both teams return with conviction and the game continued to be evenly matched. Panthers created a lot of chances and their defence duo of Jess Edmond (GD) and Kerry Jones (GK) managed to keep Gems from scoring and the game was level at 21-21.
In the final quarter, Gems’s mid court players Lynette Corran (WA) and Erin Whalley (WD) continued to pressure the Panthers and feed the ball down court. Jill Festorazzi (GA) responded well to the pressure and continued to sink her shots. The match was tense and with seconds to go GS Trudi Halsall clinched the winning shot securing a win for Emeralds 27 – 26.
POTM Jess Hawkins Island tyres and Auto care Manx Gems.

Division 2.

Suntera Global Ballsalla Gales, 19 v Route 1 Volts, 25

POTM Emily Christina for Route 1 Volts

The final match of the season was always going to be a battle for both teams especially with Volts down to just 6 players. In the first quarter Volts took an early lead with Sarah Morgan (GS) and Ealish Baxter (GA) shooting on target against the defensive team of Lily Eldon (GK) and Amy Gelling (GD). At the other end of the court Emily Christian (GK) and Olivia Quayle (GD) worked hard together alongside Kelly McMullin (WD) defending their circle and making some key interceptions against Nessa Furren (GS) and Ihona Bridges (GA) leaving the first quarter 7-4 in Volts’ favour.

The second quarter saw some good defensive work from Volts with McMullin and Kim Beevers (C) working well together to get the ball back up the court feeding into Volts’ circle. Balla worked hard from the centre passes with Lily Gell coming on as Centre and Trinity Hebden (WA) trying to get the ball into their circle. Volts defensive team managed to overturn several of Balla’s centre passes, bringing the ball back to their own circle and converting them. This left the half term score at 13-8 to Volts.

In the third quarter Balla made some defensive changes to their team moving Hebden into GK, Gelling into GD and Eldon into WD. Volts fought hard and continued playing well, overturning more of Balla’s centre passes leaving the game 19-13 at the end of the third quarter thanks to their strong defence and great movement of the ball to their own circle.

The final quarter saw Annabelle Clague go back into the centre and Eldon back into GK for Balla. Volts kept their team as it was as it was working well for them. Unfortunately, Eldon went over on her ankle during the final quarter so had to finish the match early - all the Volts players wish her a speedy recovery. Volts extended their lead further and finished the game 25-19, with Player of The Match going to Emily Christian for Route 1 Volts.




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