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Match Reports

Santander International Senior League Match Reports - 25 September 2022

Premier League

Route 1 Connections, 19  v Manx Fellas,39

POTM - Michael Pardoe for Manx Fellas

Manx Fellas always had this game in their sights having been beaten last season by Route 1 by a small margin last year in their first premier league match and it being a draw at the last meet.  With Route 1 looking in top form it had to be a strong game for Fellas, and that is what they brought.  They showed what a difference a year can make and went out and played netball.  With James Arneil having a huge presence in the defensive circle, backed up by the relentless energy and agility of Stephen Mulhern, it was hard work for Route 1 to find any space to get the ball into their shooters and the score was sitting at 9-3 to Fellas at the end of the first quarter. 

Rob Mason conducted the fellas through the second quarter impeccably.  Making clear drives when needed and knowing when to clear space and fighting for every ball which lead the team into making sure they took care of the ball, playing with real patience but also with real purpose, he was up against the formidable Sara Watterson who played her socks off in this game, supported by both Rhian Evans and Cassidy Pizzey, showing moments of brilliance throughout the court but even with the efforts of Route 1 the second quarter saw more of the same and the score ended 18 - 6.

Route 1 made some changes going into the 3rd quarter with Katrina Keeling going into the shooting circle, this certainly strengthened the Route 1 shooting circle and Fellas' defence had to start thinking about changing their approach.  Becca Cooke and Katrina Keeling started to gain some momentum but with the height of Michael Josem, supported by the sharp movements of Michael Lewis and pinpoint feeds from Michael Pardoe, the Fellas continued racking up the goals despite every effort of the astute Paige Skillicorn who did manage to disrupt the thinking of the easy feed in. This finished a closer quarter at 9-7 to Fellas, which was more of a reflection of the game intensity. 

The final quarter saw the entry of Tony Eccles in at WD for Fellas, with Steven Ronan having given everything in the first 3 quarters.  Nicola Spencer came into the WA position for Route 1 bringing energy into that final quarter and Eliana Kneen into WD, both bringing a good pace to the game.  Fellas had a strong and fruitful last quarter and the game ended 39 - 19 with Michael Pardoe taking the player of the match accolade. 


Marbree Missfits, 18  v Castletown Spaniards, 30

POTM - Zoe Ludfrod-Brooks for Castletown Spaniards

After a fast paced first few minutes, Castletown Spaniards were first to get on the scorecard with a number of goals in quick concession from POTM Zoe Ludford Brooks from Spaniards. The team used their height to an advantage with overhead balls being fed straight to their shooters, however after picking up on this Lisa Quilliam, made some great interceptions and worked well with Lizzie Beard to bring the ball up. The first quarter was close, as Emma Riley (Missfits) and Bree McLaughlin (Spaniards) battled to keep the ball with their respective teams. 

Missfits shooters Tara Murphy and Sophie Wade had their work cut out being marked by Castleowns Captain Bree McLaughlin and Holly Charmer but they were well supported on the edge of the circle by Emma Nicholson which resulted in some great goals. Some excellent passing through the centre third from Laura Crocker and Ruth Kinnish ensured that Missfits had to work hard for every interception. Fantastic defence from Holly Charmer and Rachel Cubbon saw the Spaniards take some turnovers and finish the quarter leading by 7, with Spaniards widening the gap. 

Ruth Kinnish from Spaniards did well to pick up any dropped balls, as they continued to build on their lead, pressure from Missfits Abi Robson and Amy Kneale ensured they had to work for every ball. This quarter saw the Spaniards continue with the great teamwork as they managed to take a strong lead. Some excellent overhead balls from Bree McLaughlin into Zoe Ludford Brooks and Sara Collister in the third quarter saw the Spaniards take a significant lead, the quarter ending 27-12.  

The start of the fourth quarter brought a shock to many as Marbree Missfits had come out with a different energy, with versatile players Emma Riley and Tara Murphy feeding great balls into the circle which were shot well by Lizzie Beard and Emma Nicholson. The final quarter score 6 goals to 3, an impressive turnaround with Missfits securing half, though not enough to beat the well-oiled Spaniards team. The final score was 30-18 Spaniards. 

Division 1

Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts, 37  v Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes, 11

POTM - Gemma Kermode for Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts

Week two saw an inter club match between the Drifts and the Earthquakes. These games are always fun to play in but also very challenging.  Both teams started nervously with a few errors from both teams.  The Drifts were the first to settle into a rhythm, with Annelise Mellor and Charlotte Thompson combining with the shooting pairing of Lily Gell and Jo Hicks.  The latter manoeuvring her defender to create space for Lily to drive into.  The quarter ended 10 - 2 to the Drifts.

The second quarter continued in a similar vain, the Drifts defence of Gemma Kermode, Amy Gelling, Annabelle Clague and Annelise Mellor made a number of interceptions around the circle and centre third, giving the new shooting combination of Lily Gell and Lucy Radcliffe the opportunity to add to the score. Not to be outdone, the Earthquakes shooters Caitlin Henery and Megan Sherward (on debut) were able to combine and  increase their score and they were fed by Janet Lawrinson and Eliza Raynor on the circle edge.  The quarter ended 19 - 6 to the Drifts

Ballasalla Drifts were able to make further changes in the 3rd quarter and rotated a number of players.  This gave them the advantage of fresh legs and different combinations for the Earthquakes to face.  Despite this, the Earthquakes centre court players Janet Lawrinson, Eliza Raynor, Alicia Kewley and Charlotte Brooks were able to put pressure on their opponents and win the ball  at crucial points in the game and bring the ball up the court to their shooters.  The Quarter ended 32 - 9 to the Drifts.

There were changes for both teams at the start of quarter 4 with both defences making scoring difficult.  Gemma White and Alicia Kewley combined well to intercept passes into the Drifts circle and Amy Gelling at Centre and Lucy Radcliffe at WA for the Drifts were able to link well with Gemma Kermode and Annabelle Clague in defence to bring the ball up the court and put further pressure on the Earthquakes defence.  The game finished 37 - 11 to Ballasalla Drifts.

Division 2

Manx Gems Corals,  29  v Ramsey Reds, 9

POTM - Sienna Thatcher for Manx Gems Corals

Manx Gems Corals set the tone from the off, stealing the first goal from Ramsey possession and following with a further 6 unanswered goals before Reds marked the scoreboard.  Although Reds worked hard to balance the scoresheet, Gems were quick to capitalise on Ramsey mistakes, ending the first quarter 7-1. 

Corals continued to gain momentum further expanding their lead in the second quarter with quick, decisive play. Ramsey took their chances but struggled to convert. Gems shooting duo Sienna Thatcher and Lucy Brown made easy work of finding the net securing an impressive half time score of 18-4. 

With a number of changes, Reds took to court with intention, managing to slightly stifle Gems strength and impact. Ramsey’s WD Sarah Shaw worked tirelessly alongside  her centre court teammates whilst  GK Dixie Yardley-Scott

made several interceptions in the circle providing valuable opportunities for Reds. Despite their best efforts, Gems’ GK Tracey Gelling crushed Ramsey’s hopes making easy pickings of overhead passes and safely turned over rebounds minimising the Reds attacking opportunity. Gems’ centre court built up their passes feeding nicely into the D and into Thatcher’s capable hands, who barely missed the net, bringing the third quarter to a close 24-5. 

Both teams took to court with renewed determination for the final quarter. Although the writing was on the wall for Ramsey, they continued to fight  to create opportunity, finally matching the Gems’ strength only allowing a single point difference between the two. Across the court, everyone stepped up their game with Ramsey’s C Orla Goddard matching the pace of her counterpart  C Emily Brown. 

Some great interceptions also from Gems’ WD Ellie Treanor again disrupting the Northerners’ flow. 

By far Ramsey’s best quarter but all a little too late to turn the tides. All credit to Manx Gems Corals who played hard, remained strong and walked away with a well deserved win. 


Premier League

Result POTM
Thompson 1  20  Suntera Global Ballasalla Avalanches  23 Ella Carridge
Simcocks Red Eagles  37   Suntera Global Ballasalla Blizzards  24 Aailish Harris
Simcocks Blue Eagles  31   Atla Group Pumas  35 Ellie Looney
Route One Connections  19   Manx Fellas  39 Michael Pardoe


Result POTM
Simcocks Gold Eagles  29   Route One Turbos  22 Aalish Kelly
Marbree Missfits  18  Castletown Spaniards  30 Zoe Ludford-Brooks
Young Farmers 24  Thompson 2  18 Nicci Cain
Manx Gems Sapphires  33   Suntera Global Ballasalla Cyclones  14 Katie Keenan

Division 1

Result POTM
Simcocks Green Eagles  26   Route One Volts  31 Jo Steriopulos
Manx Gems Emeralds  27   Ramsey Blacks  29 Arriana Kerruish
Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts 37 Suntera Global Ballasalla Earthquakes 11 Gemma Kermode

Division 2

Result POTM
Atla Group Panthers  23   Castletown Vikings   32 Amelie Hutchinson
Manx Gems Corals  29   Ramsey Reds  9 Sienna Thatcher
Castletown Jets  28   Ramsey Scarlets  20 Summer Sadler


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