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Santander International Match Reports


Simcocks Red Eagles 21 v 39 Manx Fellas

 Games between Simcocks Reds and Manx Fellas are always tightly contested, and this game was no different. From the first whistle the match went goal for goal, with Fellas able to convert 2 turnovers taking them into a 10-6 lead at the end of Q1. 

Defensively, Simcocks were trying to apply pressure to create turnover opportunities to help level the game, but with slick passing by Rob Mason and Ste Ronan there was little to intercept. Rachel Johnstone was working overdrive in the midcourt, picking up all loose balls she could - but the accurate shooting of Poppy Bowman (Simcocks) was equally matched by Michael Josem (Fellas), with Q2 ending 21-13 to Fellas.

 Substitutions at half time for Simcocks saw Emily Osbourne join Poppy in the shooting circle, and she immediately made an impact in creating movement. Despite their best efforts to keep chipping away at the scoreline, Fellas found another gear and took the game away in the final quarter, with the game finishing 39-21. POTM was Michael Pardoe who was instrumental for the Fellas both in the defensive circle, but also helping carry the ball down the court.

POTM: Michael Pardoe (Manx Fellas)


Castletown 28  v 27 Young Farmers

 The opening game of the season between Young Farmers and Castletown, Championship league, was always going to be a closely contested match. Nerves were high for both sides, particularly Young Farmers who had a few new players and some welcomed returning players. From the first whistle, it was set to be a close battle! 

The game began evenly with both teams mid court players bringing the ball down the court well. Castletown's solid defensive unit of Eloisha Dunn and Ashley Skelly made getting the ball into the D tricky for the farmers. The Young Farmers tight knit defensive unit settled and picked up a couple of turn overs to give them a 2 goal lead after the first quarter.

Going into the second quarter, Castletown came out even stronger. With some great shooting from Castletown attack Farmers had to work hard in defence to keep the score line down. Young Farmers were missing Dani Kelly as GS this week, so were heavily reliant on goal attack, Nicci Cain, who was making some great movements in the D and converting some super goals. The second quarter ended up even at 13 all. Both teams went into the third quarter with everything to play,  hoping to take the lead.

The play was even in the third quarter once again with both teams using their mid court players effectively to bring the ball to their own ends. The defenders were kept on their toes, with some great shots being played. After a good battle, Young Farmers led by one goal (21-20) going into the final part of the game.

The final quarter was a tough fight to the end. Both teams started to get tired with mistakes made. Rebounds and intercepting of the ball allowed Castletown to get 3 goals ahead. The Young Farmers did not stop and carried on. They netted more goals and started to close the gap. The final whistle was blown just as the Young Farmers had managed to get the ball back down to their D. No shot was made allowing Castletown to take the win by one point. 

 It was a great game to start the season and both teams played and fought hard to the end.

 POTM: Eloise Dunne

 Division 1

Simcocks Green Eagles 22 v 10 Ballasalla D

A nervous start for both teams with possession changing hands several times. Both defenses created problems for the shooters.  The play was fast at times moving from each end of the court and scoring difficult for both teams. Simcocks shooters Mikeala Harris and  Mia Pearson started to combine well to finish Q1 strongly. The quarter finished with Simcocks leading 6-3.

Simcocks started Q2 in same way they finished Q1. The centre court players Jo Callister, Neve Moyer &  Jo Steriopolis linked well to bring the ball into the attacking circle regularly. Drift’s continued to battle in defense with Clare Crowe, Charlotte Brooks & Eve Hall making interceptions and claiming rebounds allowing their shooters Jo Hicks and Lucy Radcliffe to score when they were given the opportunity.  Simcocks increased their lead winning the quarter 9-3 to finish leading 15-6.

Both teams came out strong again for Q3.  Drifts made a couple of changes Amy Gelling in to GD and Annabelle Clague in to WA.  Fresh legs gave the Drifts a boost and allowed then to take a slight advantage in the quarter. Again  the Drifts shooters took the chances they were give against strong circle defense, both Jess Christian and Rachel Craig worked well together and used their superior height advantage to make shooting difficult. This quarter was dominated by good defending from both teams and interceptions were made by both teams with Simcocks controlling the centre third with Jo Callister continuing to link well with Jo Steriopolis and Neve Moyer.  Ballasalla edged the quarter 4-3 but Simcocks continued to lead overall 18-10.

Q4 started with more changes to the Drifts team. Charlotte Brooks and Caitlin Henery came back on to WD as WA and Annabelle Clague moving to centre.  Additional time this year in each quarter began to take its toll on each team but the commitment from both teams was excellent to see.   Simcocks were able to combine well, denying Drifts the opportunity to score and continued to bring the ball down the court accurately and fed the ball into Mikeala Harris and Mia Pearson at regular intervals. Simcocks lead the quarter 4-0 to finish the game with a 22 -10 victory.

POTM: Jo Callister  (Simcocks Green)


 Division 2

Castletown Vikings 18 v 14 Misfits B

 With the Misfits B team being new to the leagues, and Vikings having a new line up, it was very unknown for both teams going into this game.  It was certainly all to fight for and neither team disappointed.

The start of the first quarter showed how evenly matched these two teams were with the first goal taking a while to come.  It was Vikings that hit the scoresheet first though after some first game nerves from both sides.  With defence on both teams being extremely strong it was a low scoring quarter with Vikings building on that first goal and not allowing Misfits to take any turnovers to goal.  The quarter ended 4-0 to Vikings.

The second quarter started with an early Misfits goal after some great work to turn the ball over following the Vikings centre pass.  The same great level of defence by both teams continued from the first quarter, notably with the Misfits defensive circle team not giving the Vikings shooters an inch.  Both teams had to work hard for every ball, and it was very evenly matched which was also reflected in the drawn score for this quarter at 4-4, making the overall score 8-4 to Vikings at half time.

This even play was then reflected throughout the second half of the match with each team taking their turn to go slightly ahead in the quarter’s score line.  Both the 3rd and 4th quarter scores were 5 goals each.  Vikings were able to retain the overall lead though with their first quarter win holding strong for them to the end.  The game ended 18-14 to Vikings.

The defensive work by both teams was excellent in this game and the final score certainly reflects that.  Player of the match went to Anna McChesney from Misfits who played very well at both GD and C. 

 POTM: Anna McChesney (Misfits B)



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