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Santander International Senior League Match Reports 05th March 2023


Route One Connections, 39 v Simcocks Blue Eagles,24
POTM Rhian Evans for Route One Connections

Today saw a closely contested mid table clash between the two teams sitting 4th and 5th Simcocks and Route 1. Simcocks Blue won the first fixture at the start of the season and this time around Route 1 were out for revenge. However, for this clash Simcocks Blue were missing several key players such as Poppy Irving who unfortunately picked up a knee injury whilst representing the Isle of Man at last weekends’ U17 Challenge Event.
Simcocks were second out of the starting blocks and had a slow first quarter only converting 5 shots whilst Kat Keeling (GS) and the impressive Kate Doran (GA) for Route 1 scoring 12. In the second quarter, defensive duo Ellan Charmer (GK) and Roviana Stetzu (GD) for Simcocks, worked hard to apply pressure on the Route 1 attack, with the ubiquitous Rhi Evans (C) covering the whole court, linking defence and attack was able to provide Route 1 shooters with lovely, circle feeds.
Simcocks switched Helen Mason to WD and Bayleigh Mitchell to WA which allowed them to break up the rhythm through the court and support Claire Belcher-Smith (C) in moving the ball up court. Aailish Kelly (GS) worked hard in the shooting circle to convert chances and Fi Kemp (GA) scoring some lovely, long bombs to equal the goals scored finishing half time 13-20. Simcocks Blue came out fighting in the third quarter of the match, but despite their efforts, Route 1 maintained their lead 20-30.
After the final break Route 1 were able to maintained their pressure and extend their lead in the 4th quarter as a result of some turnovers by the defensive partnership of Cass Pizzey (GD) and Eliana Kneen (GK) running out winners 24-39, with Simcocks Blue earning a point which keeps them 5th in the Premiership table.


Castletown Celts, 18 v Marbree Missfits,23
POTM Lisa Quilliam for Castletown Celts

The low scoring result for this game represents the fight that occurred between these two teams and it really became a game where the defence from both teams were on fire.
With Celts winning the C pass, it took a few minutes for either team to get a goal on the board, such was the defensive pressure from both sides. It was Celts who took the first goal however, with Marbrees GD, Lisa Quilliam intercepting passes into the circle, they capitalised and took a narrow lead at the end of the first quarter.
Marbree started off the second quarter strong with their GA, Christie Sayle sinking some impressive shots and linking up well with her GS Sophie Wade. It took a little longer for Celts to settle into their flow due to the pressure put on them. The second quarter ended 13-8 Marbree.
Another low scoring quarter from each side as Castletowns Holly Charmer and Ashley Skelly were working tirelessly to give their side an advantage as they were turning over ball however, Marbree’s defence of Amy kneale and then Abbie Kelsey were not allowing Celts shooters the freedom to close the gap. Just before the whistle in this quarter saw Castletown lose their WA to injury, which made Castletown have to make changes which they didn't anticipate.
A break gave Castletown time to plan and adjust which saw Isabelle Cutts come onto WD for the first time for Celts and she joined the impressive pressure Celts defence had previously been applying. It also saw Ellie Matthews move to WA, which was not a usual position for her but one that saw her link brilliantly with the attack and help them find the space they needed and Celts were finding their shooters Amelie Hutchinson and Sarah Cutts with more ease. Although Castletown took this quarter, the impressive performance Marbree put on for the whole match and the fresh legs they were able to bring on throughout, proved essential as they saw the match out to take the win 23-18 with POTM going to their GD Lisa Quilliam who had worked tirelessly and with great effect throughout.

Division 1

Simcocks Green Eagles, 23 v Ramsey Blacks,42
POTM Ellie Johnston for Ramsey Blacks

We knew this game was going to be tough giving the recent results for Ramsey Blacks & Simcocks Green Eagles.
It was a slow start for Ramsey with few errors and strong defence from Simcocks GD Emilia Steriopulos & WD Joanna Steriopolus. Simcocks grabbed the lead briefly, however Ramsey soon settled to turnover the scores leaving it at 9-8 to Ramsey at the end of Q1.
Even play for Q2, with no changes. Centre court Hannah Skeehan (Simcocks) & Amber Pullen (Ramsey) worked tirelessly feeding the ball up and down court. Ramsey managed to steal a few turnovers with great defence from GD Winnie Davies in centre passes, developing a small lead at half time, 20-16 to Ramsey.
Both teams changed it up for Q3, bringing Rachel Hudson into GK for Ramsey, and centre court / defence changes for Simcocks. These changes gave Ramsey strength in the shooting circle, with some great shots from GS Ellie Johnston & GA Ariana Kerruish, giving Ramsey a further lead of 30-19 at the end of Q3.
Q4 was more of the same, with Ramsey capitalising on mistakes. Simcocks continued to fight back, working well when given the opportunities with the new WA – Niamh Coole bringing the ball to the edge of the circle. Ramsey managed to further the lead with a final score of 42-23 and the GS Ellie Johnston earning a well-deserved POTM.

Division 2

Manx Gems Corals, 25 v Castletown Jets, 29
POTM Summer Sadler for Castletown Jets

This game was always going to be a tight match. The game started off with a run of goals from the Corals' shooting duo of Sienna Thatcher (GS) and Lucy Brown (GA). The Jets soon settled into the game and had their own run of goals with some lovely shooting from Ruby Watterson(GS) and Amy Potts (GA). Corals did not make life easy in the circle by the Corals' defence of Tracey Gelling (GD) and Ruby Lovett(GK). The first quarter ended 7-6 to the Jets.

The Jets continued on their winning streak in the second quarter. Summer Sadler (GD) and Kate Potts (WD) turned over many balls in the centre third and linked in well with Mollie Zybert (C) and Callie Cubbon (WA). Corals kept the Jets working hard as Ellie Treanor (C) and Sarah Bridson (WD) made it difficult. A battle of the defenders was underway as the Jets defenders turned over many balls as did the Corals defence. The 2nd quarter ended 14-11 to the Jets.
Jets brought on Erin Chapple at GA and Summer Craig at WD who made an impact on the game. Summer picked up many interceptions and Erin's speed made a difference in getting the ball into the circle. Corals switched around their shooters with Lucy Brown going to GS and Sienna Thatcher going to GA. Brown scored some fabulous goals however the Jets GK Immi Beech worked tirelessly in defence and turned the ball over several times. Both teams worked really hard in this quarter and there was no separating the two teams. This quarter ended 20-18 to the Jets.

It was all to play for in the 4th quarter, Amy Potts came back on at GA for Jets and Erin Chapple moved into WA. The scoring went goal for goal until a vital turnover by the Jets defenders at the Corals attacking third was brought successfully up the court and converted to goal. The game continued with no separating the two teams and neither wanted to give up. However, the Jets managed to push ahead and keep ahead on the day. The final score was 29-25 to the Jets.



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