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Santander International Senior League Match Reports - 11 December 2022


Young Farmers, 26  v Marbree Missfits, 24

POTM: Alice Forster For Young Farmers

It was always going to be a tough game with Young Farmers and Missfits being training partners, however, Farmers came out with a strong start with a quick turnover from Missfits first centre pass. Some excellent passing from Rachel Osborne (C) and Suz Slater (WA) across the court and into the circle saw some great first shots from Dani Kelly (GS) resulting in a strong Farmers lead. Missfits Hannah Quinn (WA) and Suzanne Gray (WD) worked well to provide plenty of passing options down the court. Persistent pressure from Farmers defense Lucy Parsons (GK) and Hannah Moore (GD) meant the first quarter ended 8-5 to Farmers. 

Farmers continued to lead going into the second quarter, with Nicci Cain consistently shooting well. Farmers tall defensive duo, Lucy Parsons (GK) and Hannah Moore (GD) worked well together to force the Missifts shooters out of their comfort zones and were quick to get the rebounds of missed shots. As the quarter went on, Missfits grew into the game and started using farmers' errors to their advantage, with the quarter finishing 15-9. Rachel Kewley (WA) and Emma Riley (C) had worked well to get passes into the circle for shooters Christie Sayle (GA) and Sophie Wade (GA) to convert. 

Missfits made some positional switches going into the third quarter, found a better flow across the court and started to put the pressure on Farmers. Still, Farmers had excellent movement, aided by Louise Slater (WA) who sped the ball down the court and into the shooters ensuring they capitalised on any minor Missfits mistake, though this was not made easy with Abi Robson (WD) hot on the ball. With both C strongly contesting the ball at every opportunity it made for an exciting watch, with Rachel Kewley (WA) providing some excellent feeds and picking up any stray balls.

The last quarter saw more fast paced play and Missfits started taking control of the game. Missfits Lizzie Beard (GA) worked hard to get around Hannah Moore (GD), and managed to pull the score closer after scoring 10 goals. Missfits came out with a strong sense of determination with the defensive circle of Amy Kneale (GK) and Lisa Quilliam (GD) gaining repeated turnover in the circle. Farmers struggled to break the momentum in the final quarter but still finished with a strong 2 goal lead to end the game 26-24. A well fought match between the two teams, with Alice Forster (WD) rightly earning herself POTM. 


Division 1

Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts, 35 v Manx Gems Emeralds, 22

POTM: Lily Gell for Suntera Global Ballasalla Drifts

Ballasalla Drifts got off to a great start with Lily Gell and Lucy Radcliffe working well together in the shooting circle following some good mid-court play. This proved to be a busy first quarter for Abigail McCullough, who was playing up for Manx Gems Emeralds as GK, alongside the more experienced Jess Hawkins as GD. Drifts ran away with the first quarter, ending 10-2 in their favour.

With no positional changes going into the second quarter, Drifts continued their dominance both in attack and defensively. Half time score ended 16-6.

Both teams made some changes going into the third quarter with Drift’s Gemma Kermode coming on as WD and Annabelle Clague switching from WD to WA. Emerald’s Sarah Curphey moved into C and Dawn Quinn to WA. Alex Wilson-Spratt and Di Cregeen also switched in the attacking circle to GA and GS respectively. These changes brought around a change in fortune with Emeralds closing the gap slightly by the end of the third quarter to 23-15.

Emeralds continued their fight back in the final quarter with McCullough settling into the game, making a couple of great interceptions.  Despite Emerald’s resilience and on-form shooting by Cregeen, it was Drifts who took the 3 points, with GA Lily Gell receiving Player of the Match for her on-form shooting. Final score 25-22.

Division 2

Castletown Jets,19  v Manx Gems Corals,17

POTM: Tracey Gelling for Manx Gems Corals

What an amazing game this was to watch. The girls won by sheer grit and determination. Jets were slow to get on the scoreboard to start as Gems GK Tracey Gelling didn't make it easy at all. The Gems ethos of defend hard started from the get go. The goals just did not want to drop in the first quarter for the Jets. However at the other end Gems GA Lucy Brown and GS Poppy Brown made some lovely shots. The score at the end of quarter 1 was 6-2 to Gems.

After a quick chat at quarter time, the Jets started to pick up some pace and the game started to get exciting. Jets GD Summer Sadler and GK Immi Beech produced turnover after turnover. The score for the second quarter was 4-4 giving an overall score of 10-6 to Gems.

The third quarter started with Gems fumbling some passes which the Jets took advantage of. Jets WD Kate Potts made a fabulous interception at the Gems end which resulted in a goal. The Jets continued to work hard to convert the loose balls to goals. Jets WA Bree Collister and C Mollie Zybert fed the ball wonderfully to GS Ruby Watterson and GA Amy Potts. The Jets won that quarter 6-3 and the score at the end of the quarter was 13-12 to Gems.

It was all to play for in the last quarter. The spectators were on the edge of their seats as the ball went from end to end. The Jets and Gems went goal for goal. In the last two minutes a vital interception was made by the Jets and took the lead by 1 goal. With 15 seconds to go, GA Amy Potts scored the goal that sealed the deal. The final score was 19-17 to Castletown Jets.



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