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Santander International Match Reports 21 January 2024

Premier Division

Ballasalla B 40; Route 1 Connections 39

PoTM Mairi Harrison Ballasalla B

Ballasalla Blizzards took to the court with a point to prove to Route 1 who denied them a point for attaining half score in the first half of the season. Both sides matched up well and it was clear from the first whistle that both sides wanted to win. Ballasalla’s GS, Gemma Kirkham held well in the circle and despite the best efforts of Hannah Halsall at GK for Route 1, Jane Ryder-Clague WA and Mairi Harrison C, risked some high balls in that Kirkham was able to convert. However, not to be out done, the Route 1 attack of Kat Keeling GS and Becca Cooke GA rotated well in their circle to convert their shots. The teams couldn’t be separated at the end of the first quarter with the score 11-11. Both teams settled in the second quarter and Ballsalla defence of Zoe Kirkham GK and Becky Dunne GD, made it increasingly difficult for Becky Lamb WA and Rhian Evans C to feed the shooters. They gained some crucial turnovers, looked after the ball down the court before Dani Murphy GA and Kirkham were able to capitalise for Ballasalla. This proved crucial for Ballasalla as the approached half time with a 2 goal lead.

Route 1 made some changes in the second half with Cassy Pizzey moving from WD to C and Sara Watterson coming in to WD. Route 1 have the depth of squad to change combinations, but Ballasalla kept working hard and adapting to the challenges. There was a real battle in centre court with some fantastic interceptions from both teams. Route 1 gained the advantage in this quarter and by quarter time Ballasalla’s lead had been decreased to 1 goal. The final quarter was going to be tough for both teams – both wanted to win and both teams knew they had to battle to the end. Some crucial turnovers from Route 1 defence of Paige Skillicorn and Hannah Halsall, saw the lead change to Route 1’s favour. With less than a minute to go, the deficit was 1 goal. However, a turnover by Zoe Kirkham led to a goal by sister Gemma followed by a centre pass for Ballasalla which they converted, switching the advantage to Ballsalla by 1 goal; 40-39. With seconds on the clock and Route 1 in possession, the ball went off the back line. Ballasalla played the ball around and kept possession until the final whistle clinching the victory by 1 goal. It was a great match played in lovely spirits and Mairi Harrison for Ballasalla was named as player of the match.

Championship Division

Young Farmers 47;  Ballasalla C 27

PoTM; Louise Slater Young Farmers
In the matchup between Young Farmers and Balla C at 11 NSC, both teams had a slow start, taking time to find their rhythm and passes. However, GA Nikki Cain and GS Dani Kelly from Young Farmers found their shooting groove, leading the first quarter with a score of 14-6.

Throughout the second and third quarters, Young Farmers maintained their lead, thanks to solid defense from GD Kelly McMullan and GK Leanne Garrett. The duo kept the pressure on, consistently retrieving the ball. The midfield support from Louise Slater (WD) and Rachel Osborne (C), along with Suz Slater (WA), ensured a smooth transition up the court and solid support for the attacking plays.

In the last quarter, Balla C bounced back with renewed energy, making strategic changes to their attacking positions. Lucy Radcliffe (GS) maneuvered skillfully around the shooting circle, securing additional shots. With great fast response from (C) Lily Gell and (WA) Annabelle Clague feeding in. Despite Balla C winning the last quarter, Young Farmers held their ground, finishing with a final score of 47-27. Louise Slater's performance earned her the Player of the Match.

Division 2

Missfits  24;  Ramsey 11

PoTM; Ellie Missfits

The game started with Missfits wining the first centre pass. With a strong start for Missfits getting the ball to their shooting circle, both Ellie (GS) and Megan (GA) put up some great shots against Ramseys’ defence. Even with a 7 goal lead in the first quarter for Missfits, Ramsey defence Anya (GK) and Chole (GD) worked well together to intercept play and stop Missfits from getting as many goals as when previously played in the first half of the season.

As each quarter were played both teams were up and down the court with neither side being predominantly down either end. Both mid court players on each team played like it was the final, with interceptions here there and everywhere.

In the third quarter Orla, (C) Sorcha (WA) and Laura (WD) for Ramsey got into space and smoothly brought the ball up to their shooting circle which gave Sarah (GA) along with Kirsty (GS) to get their shots up and lead in goals for that quarter.

Going into the final quarter Missfits made some changes putting Hannah into (GK) from (WD) and having the support from Anna (GD) and with their experience Hannah and Anna together made it difficult for Ramsey to carry on their goal streak and allowed Abi, (WD) Rachel (C) and Ellie (WA) the confidence to get this back up to the court to Alicia (GS) and Megan (GA) to win with a lead of 24 goals to 11

The score was significantly different to the last time these teams played together and this showed in Ramsey’s confidence and progression through out the season although a very well deserved player of the match went to Missfits Ellie (GS/WA)



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