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Santander International Match Reports 14th April 2024

Premier Division

Ballasalla 39 - Simcocks 34
POTM Gemma Kirkham

Ballasalla got off to a storming start, with Zoe Kirkham and Becky Dunne putting immense pressure on the feeds and winning crucial turnovers that Ballasalla were able to convert to goal which set the tone for the game. Both teams had incredible shooting from the get go despite the pressures of the game. Balla quickly found their rhythm with Kate Williams and Mairi Harrison comfortably feeding the high ball, which Gemma Kirkham was able to convert. Quarter 1 ended 14 -5 for Ballasalla. Quarter 2 saw no changes to either side, Simcocks came back fighting and Kenzie Pizzey and Ellan Charmer began to double mark Gemma Kirkham putting doubt in the high ball in, however Balla quickly adapted and Danielle Murphy played a massive role in the shooting circle sinking shots from distance. Simcocks continued to play with great intensity with Rachel Johnstone working tirelessly to get the ball to the circle and some excellent movement from Ella Crowe who couldn’t seem to miss meant the score remained close and
the it was still all to play for!
Quarter 3 saw Ballasalla make use of their fresh legs, with Sarah Long coming on at WA and Ella Carridge as WD. Their impact was immediate with Carridge getting an intercept within her first minute of play. Simcocks continued with momentum, Pizzey and Johnstone committed to everything and had an incredible defensive performance. However with Sarah Long offering incredible depth and steady feeds into the circle Ballasalla maintained their lead going into the last quarter. Quarter 4 started and it was obvious that both teams were hungry for the win. Chloe Swales offered great strength in the circle for Simcocks, and the Reds defense was working incredibly hard to win ball. Ella Carridge got two great interceptions within the last couple ofminutes of the game to hold the gap in the score line. Final score was Ballasalla 39 - 34 Simcocks with Gemma Kirkham receiving a very well deserved player of the match.

Division 1
Castletown Celts v Thompson 2
POTM Chloe Schofield

For the final game, these two teams were determined to get the win as whoever got the points would determine who would sit higher in the league to end the season. Quarter one saw Thompson 2 settle quicker into the match, however, Celts quickly found their rhythm and going to the second quarter Thompson were only ahead by 2. The second quarter saw interceptions being made from both teams, which reflected in the score as it was being kept low as the defence from both teams were putting the pressure on the shooters. Although the shooting team from Thompson 2 of Chloe Schofield and Amelie Harding weren’t missing and so increased their lead by 4.
The second half continued in the same way and the third quarter saw the score going goal for goal, with all to play for in the last quarter. Whilst Thompsons defence weren’t allowing much to get past them, Celts shooting circle were beginning to show what they were made of with Amy Potts and Amelie Hutchinson working brilliantly with C, Sophie Bowers and WA Hayley Duffus to take the final quarter, however, Thompson kept their lead which they had taken early on and worked hard to maintain, to take the win 29-26 with POTM going to Thompsons GA, Chloe Schofield who was sinking shots effortlessly all game.

Division 2
Vikings 38 - Route 1 Sparks 17

With Sparks sitting very comfortably mid table, (after a fantastic first season for the young team in the senior league) and Vikings pushing for a final victory to clinch the league win, this was always going to be a hotly contested final match of the season for both teams and it did not disappoint.
The first goal of the game went to Sparks who took advantage of Vikings taking time to settle into the game following the easter break. Vikings then took the next 2 goals, but the play was very even. Strong defence from Vikings was equally matches by strong defence from Sparks and both teams have periods where they struggled to get to goal. After what was a very even and well fought first quarter it ended 9-5 to Vikings but with everything to play for.The Sparks claimed another first goal of the quarter when play resumed and this was quickly shaping up to be another very even period of play. Mid quarter the Vikings team pulled ahead with 2 turnovers, but this was last matched by Sparks towards the end of the quarter. Sparks continued to fight tirelessly and capitalised on mistakes where possible. This quarter ended 17-11 to Vikings to extend their lead slightly but Sparks were still keen to push as hard as possible.

The second half of the game saw Vikings come in to their own and very much dominated on the scorecard. Sparks didn’t ever give up though and continued to push Vikings to the very end. The third quarter ended 27-14 and the score at the end was 38-17 to Vikings which sealed the victory for the game and the league. This was a great game to watch and finish the season on with every player from both teams doing their coaches proud. It was brilliant to see how the Sparks team have developed over the season, they really will be a team to watch for the future, well done girls. The newly formed Vikings team have also had a fantastic season with only 1 loss and a goal difference that by far exceeds any other team in the leagues, fantastic!. 



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