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Santander International Match Reports 14 January 2024

Premier Division

The game opened evenly between both teams, with the offensive pairings of James Arneil and Christos Anastasiou of the Aon Fellas, and Heather Parsons and Helena Allen of Simcock's Gold showing their attacking intentions with some brilliant mid-to-long range shooting. The first quarter’s score ended 12-7 in Aon Fellas’ favour. The game continued at a similar pace into the second quarter, with the Aon Fellas applying some further pressure in the mid-court, particularly between the defensive and counter-attacking efforts of Michael Pardoe at Centre, Pete Corrin at Wing Defence and Steven Ronan at Wing Attack. This saw the Aon Fellas maintain the lead into half time with the score at 24-14. However, credit must go to Lizzy Power, Viv Duffy and Lucy Faragher at Goal Keeper, Goal Defence and Wing Defence of Simcock's Gold, as their tireless defensive efforts halted opportunities for the Fellas and led into multiple
counter-attacks of their own.

The third quarter saw both teams continue to push forward, with some excellent passing plays into and through the attacking third. Rob Mason at Centre for the Fellas worked hard to seize and create circle-edge opportunities. Simcock's mid-court of Chloe Swales at Centre, Helen Mason at Wing Attack and Leanne Faragher at Wing Defence showed unwavering determination throughout the game, with their ongoing pressure creating turnovers, coupled with smooth attacking transitions and circle-edge plays made it extremely challenging for the Fellas’ defenders, Jake Hicks and Stephen Mulhern. The third quarter score ended 36-21 to the Fellas. The last quarter saw the re-introduction of Torryn Jones at Goal Shooter for the Fellas, and Ella Page at Wing Attack for Simcock's Gold both of which hit the ground running to apply pressure and capitalise on the fatigue which had started to set in. Some good shots from Torryn Jones and James Arneil helped to bring the game to a close, with the final score being 44-23 to the Aon Fellas, and the Player of the Match being decided as Stephen Mulhern of the Aon Fellas. In summary, a great and enjoyable game which featured some excellent plays throughout the court, and a big thanks to our umpires, Bethan Kneen and Pip Cross.

Championship Division

This was always going to be a tight match with the previous result ending 26-25 to Missfits. Both teams started off strongly and the first interception went to Holly Charmer, with the ball brought safely down the caught by Kerry Kelly to Spaniards shooters Amelie Hutchinson and Zoe Ludford Brooks. An unfortunate injury to Missfits WA Tara Murphy, resulted in a team change, but strong defence from Mum and daughter duo Rachel and Callie Cubbon saw Spaniards finish the quarter 7-6 ahead. Spaniards have a strong mix of youth and experience and they made changes going into Q2 but Missfits strong circle defence of Lisa Quilliam and Lizzie beard made it difficult for Spaniards to capitalise. Both teams scored 9 goals and the quarter ended 16-15.

Spaniards introduced further changes in Q3 which saw great links between Bree Collister, Amelie Hutchinson and Sophie Alton Heath.But Missfits mid court of Suzanne Grey,Emma Riley and Rebacah Dalrymple maintained the defensive pressure.The quarter ended 27-24 to Spaniards. The shooting accuracy became even more important in Q4 and Emma Nicholson and Christie Sayle did not disappoint for Missfits. Holly Charmer and Breesha McLaughlin kept up the Spaniards defence pressure and despite Missfits taking the quarter the game finished 34-32 to Spaniards.

Division 2

Simcocks Silvers continued their impressive run of form making it difficult for Thompson, who had the added struggle of starting the game a player down, from the off. Simcocks defenders Issy Coole (GK) and Alice Leadbetter-Terris (GD) making it difficult for the
shooters to win ball. Despite this, Thompson's Emily Kirk (GS) and Maddison Dawson (GA) remained unflappable and worked tirelessly to create opportunities for their mid-court feeders.At Simcocks attacking end, Hannah Karran (WA) combined well with shooters Breesha Jenkins (GA) and Umata Pugeva (GS); Pugeva displaying strength and accuracy with well-timed movements and impressive shooting. Meanwhile, Thompson's mid-court put on an impressive display of resilience and composure. Katie Richardson's work-rate at C was something not to be sniffed at; her speed complimented the smart, controlled play of WA Anya Watterson who made countless good decisions while under pressure. The young Simcocks team continued to show dominance and control, Ella Cain (C) and Daisy Arnold
(WD) bringing the ball down the court with confidence. The first quarter ended 9-2 in favour of Simcocks Silvers.
The second quarter saw Thompson's seventh player injected into the game with Becky Nemen coming in admirably at GD and applying immediate pressure. Meanwhile, Isla Grainger (GK) and Eugenie Woodhead (GA) took to court for Simcocks. Grainger immediately settled in making a number of impressive interceptions in the defensive circle and restricting Thompsons to just one goal. In the attacking end, Woodhead continued the impressive shooting; the second quarter ended 17-3.

Never losing spirit, Thompson continued to work tirelessly in the third and fourth quarter, remaining focussed and in good spirits until the final whistle. But ultimately the young Simcocks team worked together, held their composure and came away with a much-deserved win.



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