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Junior League Match Reports - 16 January 2022


Manx Gems Diamonds, 18 v Thompson Tigers, 33

Thompson were off to a flying start achieving the first goal within a few minutes, as Players settled into the game both teams took advantage of each other’s errors, such as ball placement, resulting in the ball being continuously moved up and down the court.

With some great passing throughout the court and support from their WA and C Thompson scored a superb 4 goals in succession, but Gems fought back with a quick 2 goals in reply.

Both teams made small positional changes after the first quarter and came out fighting, the players showed increasing skill in their movement on and off the ball as they had clearly now warmed up.

Despite Gem’s GK and GD great teamwork, reading off each other, accurate shooting from The Thompson GS and GA resulted in Thompson scoring 8 goals and Gems 4 in the second Quarter.

Gems were quick off the mark in the third quarter and converted an early goal and then another in quick succession, a third goal was prevented by the Thompson GK and GD working together and managing to tip the ball and send it back up the court.

Gems attacked hard and accurate shooting combined with resilient teamwork from the rest of their players resulted in 5 goals in the third quarter, Thompson managed to remain calm and vigilant scoring 9 in reply.

Quarter 4 saw both teams still fully committed moving fast and fighting hard to either retain or gain the ball. It was the most even quarter in terms of goals scored by both sides.

Both teams must be congratulated for their determination throughout what was their first game back after the Christmas Break and in fact their first full game of the Season, it was a high energy performance and all the more impressive given the early start for a Sunday Morning.

Final Score: Thompson 33 Gems 18

Players Player of the match were Amélie AH for Thompson and Poppy B for Gems.


Castletown Stars, 32 v Route 1 Atoms 10

Route 1 opened the scoring but soon found themselves falling behind, some very good passing from both sides but Castletown Stars just kept intercepting every time from Route 1, by the end of the first quarter the score was Castletown Stars 8 Route 1 1

In Q2 Route 1 came out fighting to once again open the scoring but again their passes getting intercepted Castletown Stars couldn't be stopped by the end of the 2nd quarter the score line was Castletown Stars 16 Route 1 4

Q3 Castletown Stars GS and GA didn't miss anything and between them they extended the score line by the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 28-6.

Q4 saw a change of positions for Route 1 the start of the last quarter Route 1 got back on the score sheet both sides put on a great game.

The game ended Castletown Stars 32 Route 1 10


Ramsey Flames, 5 v Castletown Rockets, 25

This was the first full match for many of the u13s so it was a great experience for everyone involved and set a brilliant start of the season. Even though Castletown had the upper hand with their confident playing, Ramsey still tried their absolute best to fight until the end.

During the first quarter, Castletown started off very strongly, scoring 9 goals, with great work between centre Lucy Corrin and GA Emilie Saabye Karjaer. The attack from Castletown was quite solid with Ramsey trying their hardest to stop them.

The second quarter Ramsey came back earning 4 goals with GA Aoibh Nash and GS Chloe Meadows starting to find their flow. However, Castletown GS June Fearly was not backing down contributing to many of the points by Castletown. Some great defending was also seen on both sides from Castletown's WD Libby Moore and Ramsey's WD Holly Salter.

 In the third quarter, Castletown started off strong with getting the first shot. Ramsey fought back with GD Neve Madden and WD Holly Salter both getting some great interceptions. Castletown reshuffling some of their players had a great impact and they kept on increasing their lead throughout the quarter.

In the final quarter, both teams really gave their all until the final whistle. Ramsey GK Imogen Taggart made a great interception as did Castletown's GK Erin Ross-Munro.

All players continued to try and get every ball they could. Ramsey continued to push with C Imogen Duncan running to any ball she could. Castletown didn’t slow down especially GA Sydnie Kelly with GD Cleo Treutler.

Ramsey tried their best until the last whistle but Castletown just had a lead from the beginning. Castletown deserved the win, with some brilliant play from Ramsey.

POTM : Neve Madden (Ramsey Flames) Erin Ross-Munro (Castletown Rockets)


Simcocks Sea Eagles, 5 v Manx Gems Jades, 8

The first game of the season for the girls and what a game they gave spectators.  The game had end to end action with Tilly Strudwick and Maisie Belcher-Smith making it extremely difficult for Darcy Syme and Kimberley Baker to get a clear shot on goal it was the same at the other end of the court with Jess Reay and Hilly Nyawai working really hard to stop the Simcocks girls getting the ball to the goal. Finally, Simcocks got a couple of shots on goal and Ella Moy being on form got the Simcocks girls off the mark.  Aalin Lyon for Manx Gems and Flo Heselton for Simcocks worked tirelessly in mid court, getting tips and interceptions for their team. Simcocks finished the first half ahead 4-1. 

However, Simcocks made some changed as did the Manx Gems girls and the Manx Gems girls got the ball down to their shooters and  Darcy Syme was there to finish off the excellent play by the Manx Gems girls.  The game went into the last quarter all level at 4 all.  This was anyone’s game, but the Simcocks girls started to look tired and started making little mistakes which the Manx Gems girls capitalised on and picked up and chased every loose ball, converting anything they could, they scored another 3 getting into the lead 7-4, Simcocks didn’t give up though but only managed 1 more goal in the last quarter. 

The game finished 8-5 to Manx Gems Jades with Players of the Match Darcy Syme for Manx Gems Jades and Flo Heselton for Simcocks Sea Eagles.  What a first match back for the new start of the season.  All the girls on both teams played really well and should be very proud of their performances it was a great game to watch.



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