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Walking Netballers Celebrate 4 Years

Back in late 2015 when the Manx Netball Association booked the Tommy Clucas Hall in Peel for a few Walking Netball tasters, little did they realise that they’d still be running weekly in 2020! There are now over 25 ladies who have signed up and as 16th February sees the 4th anniversary of the sessions, past and present players were invited to come along this Tuesday and after playing there was lots of chatting over coffee and cake!!

Much of the discussion was around taking the first step to give Walking Netball a go and whether the ‘walking’ bit was putting people off as a few had thought it would be less active than it actually is - mainly because the ladies use the pitch markings at Tommy Clucas which are much bigger than a netball court.

The ladies are currently preparing for an exhibition match, being played at the National Sports Centre as part of the Netball Europe U17 Challenge at the end of this month. One of the Walking Netball ladies has a daughter in the Isle of Man U17 squad and they are wondering which of them will get to play on the competition court first!! If you’d like to see the ladies in action, the Walking netball match is at 6.30pm on 28th February – see Manx Netball Association social media for details.

Anyone interested in trying walking netball should email for more information.



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